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A few nights ago, I was over at my friend Nancy’s place. I was flipping through the winter recreation guide for our area, and I discovered that La Salle is starting up an adult mixed dodgeball league.

Nancy and I got really excited. This is new for La Salle. We’ve always had curling, and of course, yoga has grown over the past few years, but we’ve never had a dodgeball league. Our excitement got a little out of control, and after about ten minutes, we decided on our team name, thought of ideas for team jerseys and sweatbands, and planned a possible synchronized dance routine to perform before each game (or match?). We also rounded up 17 players. Our team, the Dodgefathers, would be the team to beat! At least, this is how we envisioned it.

Our dodgeball dream died about is fast as it started. The deadline to sign up for the league was last week, and we’re still the only team registered. I suppose La Salle just isn’t ready for a dodgeball league right now. Hopefully one day the Dodgefathers will get to rule the La Salle dodgeball league, but until that day comes, curling it is!

Single-team dodgeball leagues… just another one of those small town things!


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