Neighbourly Love

I live in house with two other young(ish) people. We’re all very busy, and I think we all agree that being young and busy is a good excuse for not always being on-the-ball when it comes to daily household stuff. For Halloween, we put a jack-o-lantern out on our porch. On Nov. 19 (two days ago) it was still sitting there, decomposing. I know, it’s pretty sad that between three people, none of us could get rid of this thing before everyone on our street started putting up Christmas decorations. In our defence, though, we don’t use the front door very often – out of sight, out of mind.

On the evening of Nov. 19, I noticed our jack-o-lantern was gone. Then I noticed footprints in the snow coming directly from our neighbour’s house to the spot where the jack-o-lantern was sitting. I suppose our neighbour, Jason, could have been disgusted at our inability to dispose of the jack-o-lantern, but I like to think he did it as a small-town, neighbourly gesture. That’s probably it – right?

This is what our jack-o-lantern looked like in it’s prime. The little fella behind eventually succumbed to an impatient carver.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 6.15.57 PM

Helping your neighbours by disposing of their three-week-old jack-o-lantern – just another one of those small-town things.


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