When you’re sixteen and living in a small town, sometimes you have to make your own fun with things like this:

  • Backroadin’ – essentially, driving around the back roads. It may sound dull, but it often leads to some adventures.
  • Offroadin’ – backroadin’, but not on the roads. This usually requires a truck or an ATV of some sort.
  • Muddin’ – offroadin’, but in fresh mud. It often results in a situation similar to that in the Corb Lund song, Truck Got Stuck.
  • Ditch-skiing – in the springtime, there’s a short window of time when the ditches are full enough to pull out the water skis. Wearing a thermal wetsuit is recommended.

Just to be clear, I’ve never ditch-skied—it’s gross. I just sat in the box of the truck as the designated videographer.

While going about these activities with your chums, you usually throw on a country tune and sing along (off-key) like it was written about you.


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