After 7 pm

Sept. 25 - Closed sign

Do you like wine? Yeah, me too. One problem though—if you live in La Salle and your craving comes after 7 pm, you’ll have to substitute your Merlot for some B&J wine coolers from the La Salle River Inn vendor.

Gross. Why would you do this, you ask.

Because the local liquor/grocery/hardware store closes at 7 pm, and you never seem to remember this useful little fact until around 7:10. It’s just another one of those lovely small town things.

I really shouldn’t complain. A friend of mine, Anya McNabb (, is from Minnedosa, and the liquor store there closes at
6 pm.

I’d be screwed – screwed and drinking B&J wine coolers.

Anya told me a funny story about having the liquor store is closed realization (let’s call this the LSCR). She had just moved to Winnipeg with her sister, and the two of them were chilling at home one Saturday evening. They were planning to go out later that night. Around 7 pm, Anya checked the time and started to freak out. With her Minnedosa instincts still fresh, she had a false LSCR. Luckily, she soon realized there was no need to freak out; she was in the city, where Liquor Marts stay open past 6 pm.

Again, I don’t mean to complain. Early liquor store closing times is really a non-problem. I just wanted to give a heads up – if you’re heading out to a small town, and you prefer wine over wine coolers, hit up the liquor store before it’s too late!


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