Small Town Things

Small towns are funny—they’re all different, but in some ways, they’re all the same. I’m going to blog about these similarities, the little quirks that seem to be small town trademarks—the “five-minute” grocery shop, the farm auction, the fall supper, the local gas station.

I grew up in a small town, La Salle, Manitoba. It’s about a ten minute drive south of Winnipeg’s Perimeter Highway. It’s a different kind of small town than say, Swan River, which is a six hour drive north-west of Winnipeg. Growing up, I had easy access to “the city.”  The Bargain Shop on Main Street wasn’t my only option for bell-bottom jeans when I hit my preteens, and when I got my driver’s license, I regularly went to the movies at Silver City St. Vital. Although all the amenities of the big bad city were readily available to me, La Salle still had the little quirks of a small town.

Once a week I’ll be talking about these little quirks, and I welcome my fellow small town girls and boys, as well as city folks, to take a read, comment, and share stories!


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